Muzaffargarh begins campaign to improve its education standard

The Muzaffargarh deputy commissioner says the education situation in the area isn’t good
A campaign to uplift the standard of education has been kick-started in Muzaffargarh after an eye-opening report revealed that the city is at the bottom of Punjab’s educational standard rankings.
Last year in March, Alif Ailaan, an NGO working in education sector in Pakistan since 2013, published a report – 2013-2018 Five Years of Education Reforms Punjab.
“Unfortunately, the situation regarding education is not good in the Muzaffargarh district. Hence, extraordinary measures are needed to address this extraordinary situation,” Muzaffargarh Deputy Commissioner Dr Ithtisham Anwar told SAMAA TV.
“The educational emergency announced in the district is actually a movement that we have initiated to improve the standard of education at government schools.”
Students at government schools in the area appreciated the step taken by the district administration. “The emergency imposed in our city is very beneficial to us. We are happy that high-level educational competitions are taking place and we are already preparing for our examinations,” said one student.
The NGO’s report acknowledges the government of Punjab’s efforts for education in the province. It says the provincial government has invested in education reforms around human resource management and school infrastructure. The government’s initiatives bore fruit in the past five years, it added.
The district administration says it will have to make concerted efforts to enhance the standard of teachers, parents and students in the city.