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Mother Gets Back Twins After Social Media Appeal

MUZAFFARGARH, (Muzaffargarh.City – 2nd Jun, 2021 ) :A woman got her newborn twin babies back after her husband snatched them prompting her to make an impassioned appeal to via a social media communication application.

In a complaint sent via Whatsapp to Muzaffargarh Hassan Iqbal, Bashiran Bibi r/o tahsil Jatoi said that she had given birth to twin babies who were now 40 days old.

She said, days ago, her husband Ishaq tortured her and forced her out of home. Despite her repeated insistence, her husband was neither letting her in the house nor giving custody of her born twins.

On the orders of DPO, SHO Sheher Malik Muhamnad Ayub Chajra approached the complainant woman and brought the twin babies to her, police spokesman said on Wednesday.


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