Medical Camp For Differently Abled Students Organized

MUZAFFARGARH, (Muzaffargarh.City – 24th Nov, 2020 ) :A day long medical camp was erected for check up of differently abled students of Special education centre Alipur. Board of doctors examined the students on the directions of Provincial Secretary special education, Syed Javid Iqbal Bokhari. The medics issued disability certificates to the students after examination.

School principal, Sonia Barkat, informed that students had to travel to Muzaffargarh for check up in the past adding that at times they were referred to Nishtar Hospital due to non availability of doctors at Muzaffargarh. She stated that parents had to face trouble in this connection adding that they had requested CEO health Muzaffargarh for this purpose. She termed it a good step for students of the centre.