MC Muzaffargarh Removes Encroachment

MUZAFFARGARH, ( – 9th Jan, 2021 ) :The enforcement department of Muncipal Corporation (MC) has carried out a grand anti encroachment operation at suburban area Gujarat following the orders of chief officer MC Roshan Zameer.

The enforcement team led by inspector Javed Khan Gurmani has removed encroachment and seized rehries, pharies table, ready-made garments, cylinder, counters, belts, plastic buckets, jackets and blankets from the public land.

He also warned of taking stern action against any re-encroachments by shopkeepers to be held in future.

It had removed all kinds of temporary stalls created at both sides of road situated between Jamko intersection to Ghazi Ghat.

Chief Officer said in a statement that encroachments created hindrance in smooth traffic law besides accident on roads.

He said categorically that it will not be tolerated and the operation would be continued on permanent basis President Traders Association of Qasba Gujarat Bilal Khan and other office barriers were present on the occasion.

They extended full cooperation to eliminate encroachment from the area.