Man Kills Real Brother To Trap Opponents In Murder Case

MUZAFFARGARH, ( – 20th Jul, 2020 ) :Muzaffargarh police here Monday managed to unearth a culprit who had killed his real brother and got a case registered against his opponents o take revenge.

According to Chowk Qureshi Police Station, Abdur Razaq Khar, resident of Mouza Kalhoor, submitted application with Qureshi Police station, mainiting that his brother Siraj Khar was allegedly killed by Khadim Hussain, and Abid Hassan along with another two unknown persons.

The police arrested the accused. However, during investigation, the accused were proved innocent. Abdur Razzaq, had himself murdered his brother. He fired his brother to death. Police arrested Abdur Razzaq and registered case against him . District Police Officer Nadeem Abbas appreciated the performance of the investigation team and announced prizes and commendatory certificates.