Lawyers Pour In Tribute For APC’s Martyrs, Pledge To Stand For Mission

MULTAN, (Muzaffargarh.City – 16th Dec, 2020 ) :Scores of lawyers poured in tribute for martyrs of Army Public school during condolence reference arranged here Wednesday, with committing a renewed pledge to never let blood of innocent children go to waste till the country would survive on map of the world. Member Punjab bar council Jam Muhammad Yunis, president of Muzaffargarh bar association Malik Arshad Bhatti, general secretary bar Muhammad Zubair Sehrani among others declared December 16 as Black Day in history of the country as it had brought immortal sufferings for nation of the country. “Such a heart-wrenching tragedy led to kill 149 innocent lives found no comparison in the history.

Martyrs of the children and their teachers as rescuers had left the country into immense grief and sorrow, with their sacrifices could never be forgotten as they were alive in our hearts and soul forever” it was said.They said that the tragedy had caused to re-unite a scattered nation on one platform which resulted to cap menace of terrorism once for all on the soil.They prayed for patience for heirs of the deceased souls and offered every help on their part for bereaved parents and heirs after concluding the reference.