Jamshed Dasti Goes Bald To Protest Against Inflation

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Islamabad (Muzaffargarh.City – 8th July, 2019) Jamshed Dasti of Awami Raj Party has recorded a unique protest against inflation by going bald.

Jamshed Dasti got bald along with his companions and released a video message.

In the video, Jamshed Dasti says that inflation has disturbed the common man. He said that he is doing a peaceful protest against the high inflation by shaving his head.

He also urged the nation to join him in his protest.

He said that Prime Minister Imran Khan had made several promises to people but he snatched one-time meal from them even.

The Awami Raj Party leader requested the people to shave their heads and join him in his protest against the government.


In an upset in general elections 2018, Jamshed Dasti lost from two Constituencies of Muzaffargarh NA-182 and NA-184 constituency.

Dasti requested ECP in the application for recounting in 295 polling stations in his constituency in Muzaffargarh district.

Jamshed Dasti of Pakistan Awami Raj lost to Pakistan People’s Party Parliamentarians candidate Mehar Irshad Ahmed in NA-182, Muzaffargarh. Form 45 was not provided in NA-182 by the allocated returning officer (RO) while at least 6,499 votes were rejected in NA-182 upon which, Dasti had filed a petition for vote recount.

The Supreme Court however turned down the request.