Indus River Erosion :dozens Of Villages Affected In Muzaffargarh

MUZAFFARGARH , ( – 16th Jul, 2020 ) :Dozens of villages affected due to erosion of Indus river in Jatoi area here.

According to details, the Indus river erosion has damaged dozens of villages in Lundi Pitafi tehsil Alipur area while scores of families were bound to live under the sky.

Local residents Rahim Buksh, Allah Bachaya, Muhammad Yousuf, Kareem Buksh and others said that local politicians had promised construction of superbund to avert from river erosion but it didn’t fulfilled.

They said that no one had contacted them during this testing time and didn’t t have access to basic necessities of life.

They demanded of the government to construct safety super embankment to avoid from erosion,establishment of relief camp and provision of edible items in this area.