Improved Fruit Standard To Raise Demand In Foreign Markets

MULTAN, Sept 5 (Muzaffargarh.City – 05th Sep, 2017 ) : Improved standard of fruit will raise its demand in the foreign markets which will add to earn not only foreign exchange but also leave positive impact on country’s economy.

Talking to APP on Tuesday, Muhammad Nawaz Sharif University of Agriculture, VC Prof Dr Asif Ali, said that eradication of fruit fly was utmost necessary for better production of fruit. He informed that agriculture departments were duty bound to create awareness among middlemen, farmers and other stakeholders against fruit fly.

The VC said that MNSUA, Mango Research Institute and Agriculture Extension department had recently marked anti-fruitfly week on the directives of the Punjab government. Dr Asif Ali stated that they organized several activities during the week including seminar, awareness walks and field visits of fruit and vegetation market besides holding seminars in Khangarh (Muzaffargarh).

He stated that some of his faculty members practically extracted insect from different fruits and vegetables to sensitize the stakeholders about its disadvantages.