Groom Shows Up To Vote For PTI In Multan

Multan (Muzaffargarh.City – 25th July, 2018) A groom showed up to cast his vote in PP-216 constituency of Multan.

The groom, wearing his Sherwani, got his voter slip made from the camp and cast his vote.

Groom Bahadur Ali said that his Barat has to go to Muzaffargarh at 2pm. He said that everybody asked him not to cast a vote on his big day but he did not listen to them.

The groom is supporting Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI). He said that Imran Khan will change this country that’s why it is very important to vote for him.

Polling across the country is being held today for general elections 2018.

Polling began at 8am in the morning and will conclude at 6pm in the evening.

The nation will elect 270 members of the National Assembly and 570 members of all the four provincial assemblies for the next five-year term today.

Around 105.95 million eligible voters – 59.22 million male and 46.73 million female – will exercise their right to vote to mark another democratic transition from one elected government to another.

About 1,1673 candidates are vying for 270 national and 570 provincial assemblies seats.