Govt Striving Hard To Ensure Maximum Development In Deprived Areas, Says Aon Dogar

MUZAFFARGARH, (Muzaffargarh.City – 17th Jun, 2021 ) :Provincial Parliamentary Secretary Sardar Aon Hameed Dogar said that the Punjab government was striving hard to ensure maximum development, prosperity and to improve literacy rate in the deprived areas of the Punjab.

Talking to media persons here on Thursday, the provincial parliamentary secretary said that different areas of the Punjab had been deprived of basic facilities from last many years. He said that the incumbent government paying special focus on these areas to end sense of deprivation among the people.

He said that the provincial government has allocated funds of Rs 800 million for various development projects in Shah Jamal area of district Muzaffargarh.

Aon Hameed Dogar added that different development projects would be completed with these funds including construction of Government Girls Degree College, brick lining of water channels, tuff tile, sewerage system and construction of roads.

He said that more funds would be allocated for this area in next two years.

He maintained that Punjab Highway department would construct six new roads in the areas to ensure transportation facility to local people.

He said that upgradation project of rural health centre Shah Jamal has already been completed and the process of new latest machinery and deployment of staff was in final stages.

The provincial parliamentary secretary said that next two years would be the years of development, progress, prosperity and stability for the region in order to bring positive changes in the public lives by ensuring maximum facilities for them.