First Decision Under Parental Protection Ordinance: Elderly Parents Get Back Home

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MUZAFFARGARH, (Muzaffargarh.City – 28th Jun, 2021 ) :Enforcement of country’s first decision under historic Parental Protection Ordinance 2021 brought possession of home back to an elderly couple last Sunday, a year after they were evicted from their shelter by their son in Muzaffargarh.

Last Thursday, deputy commissioner Amjad Shoaib Khan Tareen awarded one-month jail and imposed Rs 50,000 fine on the son Mukhtar Hussain, after his parents complained he used to beat them up and evicted them from home a year ago leaving them homeless and compelling them to survive on their own. Since then, elderly mother Ghulam Fatima had been working as servant at different homes to meet daily expenses and support her husband.

DC had also ordered SHO Civil lines to get the house vacated from Mukhtar and hand it over to parents Ghulam Fatima and her husband Muhammad Iqbal who has impaired listening capability.

In compliance with the order, their son Mukhtar was sent to district jail Muzaffargarh to serve one month imprisonment. And last Sunday, police brought the couple to their house giving them possession after family of Mukhtar vacated it.

A police officer said that the family of Mukhtar was given three-day time to vacate the house and they did it paving the way for the elderly couple to start living in there.

People have widely hailed the PTI government’s historic law, decision by the deputy commissioner and its swift enforcement.

MPA Sardar Abdul Hayee Khan Dasti had hailed country’s first decision under Parental Protection Ordinance 2021 saying the law would serve as a credible defence against excesses of people who misbehave with their elderly parents.

He strongly criticized the practice of some people who either evict their parents from homes or get them admitted at old homes.

Former IGP Baochistan Ayub Qureshi and others also applauded PTI government and Prime Minister Imran Khan for introducing and enacting a much awaited law to protect elderly parents from the misbehaviour of their sons and daughters.

The law provided legal cover to parents’ protection enabling them do life without worries of shelter and support. It has brought peace of mind to elderly people.