Farmers Concerned On Lack Of Canal Water In Muzaffargarh

MUZAFFARGARH, ( – 13th Dec, 2022 ) :Farmers demanded the government to ensure supply of canal water for wheat crop as it would surely help reduce input cost on wheat crop.

The farmers have to spend big amounts to run tubewell for irrigating the wheat crop.

Different farmers namely Naseer Bukash, Allah Yar Khan, Abdul Ghaffor, Malik Liaqat and some others talking to APP stated that canal water was essential to get enhanced production of golden grains (wheat).

They stated that the farming community was worried due to lack of canal water. The government should pay immediate attention and ensure supply of canal water. However, wheat crop has been cultivated against 680,214 acres in district Muzaffargarh and Kot Addu. The government has set a target of 617,000 acres.