Farmers Can Get Friendly Pests Free From Bio Labs To Counter Aphid Attack On Wheat, Says Secretary Agriculture

MULTAN, (Muzaffargarh.City – 12th Feb, 2021 ) :South Punjab secretary agriculture Saqib Ali Ateel said on Friday that Aphid attack on wheat crop was likely due to prevailing weather conditions and advised farmers to adopt integrated approach to counter the threat including friendly pests which they can get free from government biological laboratories. In a statement issued here, Saqib said that farmers should inspect their crops regularly and in case of finding the pest they should lightly jolt the plant by some string to make Aphid fall down. He said that Aphid attacks in the form of groups. He said that weeds also serve as habitat for Aphid and urged farmers to remove weeds. Moreover, farmers can also apply water shower on plants by power sprayer to remove Aphid.

Saqib Ali Ateel said that farmers can leave crop friendly pests including lady bird, betel, Chryspoa, Surfed fly, spider, and parasite pests in the field to kill Aphid. He disclosed that government biological laboratories in Muzaffargarh, Layyah, and Vehari were nurturing friendly pests which were being provided to farmers free.He advised farmers to lessen pesticides application adding that wheat was a food crop and must not have pesticide residue. Pesticide should be applied only when it becomes unavoidable.He advocated farmers to benefit from government biological laboratories to get free friendly peata for biological control of pest attack.