Experts Issue Guidelines For Wheat Crop Care

MULTAN, (Muzaffargarh.City – 10th Mar, 2021 ) :Agriculture experts on Wednesday advised farmers to apply third water to the wheat crop some 125-130 days after the sowing while keeping in view the weather conditions particularly the rain factor. In a statement issued by agriculture spokesman, experts said, it was time for grain formation in wheat crop and any lethargy on water application could shorten the grain size and ultimately reduce production. Farmers were further advised to keep monitoring their crops regularly and contact agriculture officials in case of finding pest incidence or any diseases. Experts said that prevailing weather conditions can invite attack by Aphid traditionally called (Sust Taila). The pest attack the wheat crop in the form of smaller groups and farmers should shake the plant with some string to let the pest fall to the ground.

Farmers can also remove Aphid from plants by spraying water by power sprayer. Farmers should adopt integrated approach to counter the pest attack. They should also remove weeds from all over the crop areas and the water courses and can also apply a chemical Glyphosate in recommended quantity to counter weeds problem. Experts said that farmers should also leave crop friendly pests including lady bird betel, Chrysopa, Surfed fly, and spiders in the field in case of pest attack. These friendly pests can be obtained free from government’s biological laboratories in Vehari, Pakpattan, Sahiwal, Okara, Sheikhupura, Hafizabad, Layyah, Muzaffargarh, Toba Tek Singh and Faisalabad to kill Aphid, the release concluded.