Dozens Of Tractor-trolleys Seized Due To Dust Pollution

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MUZAFFARGARH, ( – 23rd Sep, 2021 ) :Traffic police in Muzaffargarh seized dozens of tractor-trolleys in Khangarh in a crackdown on mud trucks that cause dust pollution.

DSP Traffic Khangarh Malik Waseem Jakhar said on Thursday that tractor trolleys were found moving soil/sand in the trolleys without rear gate/support.

Moreover, they were not following the instructions to cover the soil with a tarpaulin after spraying water.

All these tractor trolleys were seized and confiscated at PS Khangarh.

“Such tractor-trolleys are causing a lot of inconvenience to the people due to dust pollution and dumping of sand/dirt on the roads,” Jakhar said.

He said that the grand operation would continue and such tractor-trolley would not be allowed to run under any circumstances.