District Muzaffargarh: PML-N Wins Four Out Of Six MCs

MUZAFFARGARH, (Muzaffargarh.City – 22nd Dec, 2016 ) : Pakistan Muslim League-N won four municipal committees (MCs), out of total six, in district Muzaffargarh. According to unofficial results, PML-N candidates from Kot Addu, Alipur, Sanawan, and Khangarh stood winner.

While, PML-N candidates lost elections in Muzaffargarh and Jatoi Municipal Committees. PML-N candidate Shahid Baryar won from Kot Addu Muncipale Committee as he obtained 31 out of total 42 votes.

Similarly, Syed Ghazanfar Mustufa (PML-N) won from Alipur Muncipal Committee. He got 18 votes. In Khangarh, PML-N candidate Liaquat Qureshi agot 10 votes while his rival Nawabzada Bilal of PTI got five votes.

In Sanawan Municipal Committee, the election contest remained interesting as PML-N candidate Riaz Hussain got 8 votes and stood winner.

Independent candidate Shahid Goria bagged 7 votes. Thus, he lost election by one vote only.

In Muzaffargarh Muncipal Committee, an upset occured as PML-N candidate lost seat of chairmanship. PML-N candidate Qadoos Nawaz Khan, who is brother of PML-N MPA Hammad Nawaz, got 26 votes. Akram Khan Chandia, an independent candidate from Councillors Alliance, won against PML-N candidate by securing 29 votes.

Similarly, Razia Begum, an independent candidate for chairmanship of Muncipal Committee of Jatoi emerged as a winner. She got 19 votes while her rival PML-N Panel could secure 11 votes.