City Cricket Association Tournament Schedule Announced

Lahore (Muzaffargarh.City – 12th April, 2021) Ninety-three sides will be in action across the country in the City Cricket Association Tournament 2021-22 from 5 July to 6 August, which will provide a pathway to around 1,800 cricketers to graduate to the Cricket Association tournaments that include first-class, non first-class three-day, 50-over and 20-over competitions.

According to the event format, each match will be of two days with 100 overs to be bowled each day in seven hours and 20 minutes of play with a two-hour break from 1200-1400. To encourage positive and result-oriented cricket, first innings will be limited to 75 overs per side and no bowler shall bowl more than 15 overs in an innings.

Each City Cricket Association, depending on the number of cities in that association, will be split into groups with each Cricket Association to ultimately have a champion.

Balochistan comprise 13 City Cricket Associations, Central Punjab 16, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa 19, Northern 11, Sindh 17 and Southern Punjab 14. However, and as per past practice, the three Lahore Zones will have two sides each, which takes the grand total of sides participating in the tournament to 93.

As part of its strategy to encourage, attract and reward cricketers, the PCB, for the first time at this level, will be offering match fees to the cricketers.

This tournament has been redesigned following the 19 August 2019 constitution and as in line with the City Cricket Association Model Constitution. Previously, inter-district competitions were held to assist in regional sides’ selections for the domestic season.

Balochistan, Northern and Southern Punjab CCAs have been split into two groups each with the group leaders to progress to the final.

In contrast, the Central Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Sindh CCAs will be divided into three groups each with group leaders to progress to the triangular series stage and the side with most points to be adjudged as the winner.

As limited club cricket was played in the 2020-21 season due to the Covid-19 pandemic as well as the ongoing registration process, the 93 sides have been selected through an open trial process.

These trials were conducted by the national selectors and to ensure meritocracy, independent observers watched the trials, which were also filmed and recorded for future references.

The PCB hopes after club cricket resumes at some stage this year, the requirement for open trials will not be required as top club cricket performers will automatically be chosen for the CCA tournament from next year.

PCB Director High Performance, Nadeem Khan: “I am pleased that after weeks of hard work, we have been able to finalise City Cricket Association Tournament details, including conducting open trials across the country. Today, we have announced the event schedule, while over the next few days, we will release the squads so that the players can start preparing for this tournament.

“This event is extremely important for the emerging cricketers who aspire to become professional cricketers. To give them a flavour of high level cricket and to reward and incentivise them, we have introduced match fees for the first time. I am sure the players will be encouraged by this initiative and will try to give their best so that they can move in an upward direction.

“Once the 3,800-odd clubs are up and running, this will make a perfect pyramid for quality, competitive and tough Pakistan cricket structure. These club cricketers, who will also emerge from school and university cricket, will move to the City Cricket Association sides, then to the Cricket Association sides and ultimately to the Pakistan men’s national cricket sides.

“Through this model and structure, backed up by high-quality coaching and player development staff, we will succeed in producing players who are highly skilful, technically correct and mentally tough.”

Points system for the CCA tournament 2021-22 is:

For an outright win after taking the lead in the 1st innings.

9 points

For an outright win after conceding lead on the 1st innings (Losing team will get no points)

6 points

For an outright win after a tie in the 1st innings (Losing team will get no points)

6 points

In case of a drawn match, team getting 1st innings lead

3 points

For tie where teams have completed two innings

2points each

A team leading in 1st innings and 2nd innings tied shall get

5 points

For a tie in the 1st innings (No outright result or drawn)

2 points each

Abandoned, Wash out or drawn match with no 1st innings result.

1 point each

team win with an innings Margin

1 bonus point

Team facing follow-on and saving the match (result drawn)

1 bonus point

Team facing follow-on and winning the match

2 bonus points

Event schedule (venues to be confirmed after inspection tours)

Balochistan Cricket Association



5-6 July – Quetta v Pishin; Sibi v Noshki; Killa Abdullah v Naseerabad

8-9 July – Quetta v Sibi; Pishin v Noshki; Naseerabad v Loralai

11-12 July – Quetta v Noshki; Pishin v Sibi; Killa Abdullah v Loralai

14-15 July – Quetta v Killa Abdullah; Pishin v Naseerabad; Sibi v Loralai

17-18 July – Quetta v Naseerabad; Pishin v Lorala; Noshki v Killa Abdullah

23-24 July – Pishin v Killa Abdullah; Sibi v Naseerabad; Noshki v Loralai

26-27 July – Quetta v Loralai; Sibi v Killa Abdullah; Noshki v Naseerabad




5-6 July – Gwadar v Panjgur; Turbat v Khuzdar; Jaffarabad v Lasbela

9-10 July – Gwadar v Khuzdar; Turbat v Lasbela; Panjgur v Jaffarabad

13-14 July– Gwadar v Jaffarabad; Turbat v Panjgur; Lasbela v Khuzdar,

17-18 July – Gwadar v Lasbela; Turbat v Jaffarabad; Panjgur v Khuzdar

23-24 July – Gwadar v Turbat; Panjgur v Lasbela; Khuzdar v Jaffarabad

30-31 July – Winner of Pool (A) v Winner of Pool (B)

Central Punjab Cricket Association




5-6 July – East Zone (W) v East Zone (B); West Zone (W) v North Zone (W); Gujranwala v Sheikhupura

8-9 July – East Zone (W) v West Zone (W); Gujranwala v Kasur; North Zone (W) v Sheikhupura

11-12 July – East Zone (B) v West Zone (W); Sheikhupura v Kasur; Gujranwala v North Zone (W)

14-15 July – Kasur v East Zone (W); Gujranwala v East Zone (B); Sheikhupura v West Zone (W)

17-18 July – Gujranwala v East Zone (W); Sheikhupura v East Zone (B); Kasur v North Zone (W)

23-24 July – North Zone (W) v East Zone (W); Gujranwala v East Zone (B); Kasur v West Zone (W)

26-27 July – West Zone (W) v East Zone (W); Kasur v East Zone (B); Sheikhupura v North Zone (W)



5-6 July – Sialkot v Narowal; Hafizabad v West Zone (B); Gujrat v Mandi Bahauddin

8-9 July – Sialkot v Gujrat; Narowal v West Zone (B); Mandi Bahauddin v Hafizabad

11-12 July – Sialkot v Hafizabad; Mandi Bahauddin v West Zone (B); Gujrat v Norowal

14-15 July – Sialkot v Mandi Bahauddin; Gujrat v West Zone (B); Hafizabad v Narowal

17-18 July – Mandi Bahauddin v Narowal; Sialkot v West Zone (B); Gujrat v Hafizabad



5-6 July – Faisalabad v Sargodha; Mianwali v North Zone (B); Jhang v Bhakkar

8-9 July – Faisalabad v Mianwali; Jhang v North Zone (B); Sargodha v Bhakkar

11-12 July – Faisalabad v Bhakkar; Sargodha v North Zone (B); Jhang v Mianwali

14-15 July – Mianwali v Bhakkar; Faisalabad v North Zone (B); Sargodha v Jhang

17-18 July – Faisalabad v Jhang; Bhakkar v North Zone (B); Sargodha v Mianwali

Triangular Stage


30-31 July – Winner of Pool (A) v Winner of Pool (B)

2-3 August – Winner of Pool (A) v Winner of Pool (C)

5-6 August – Winner of Pool (B) v Winner of Pool (C)

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Cricket Association




5-6 July – Peshawar v Nowshehra; Charsadda v Swat; Dir Lower v Mardan

8-9 July – Peshawar v Charsadda; Swat v Dir Lower; Mardan v Bajour

11-12 July – Peshawar v Swat; Nowshehra v Dir Lower; Charsadda v Bajour

14-15 July – Peshawar v Dir Lower; Nowshehra v Bajour; Mardan v Swat

17-18 July – Peshawar v Mardan; Nowshehra v Charsadda; Dir Lower v Bajour

23-24 July – Peshawar v Bajour; Swat v Nowshehra; Mardan v Charsadda

26-27 July – Mardan v Nowshehra; Charsadda v Dir Lower; Swat v Bajour



5-6 July – Abbottabad v Mansehra; Haripur v Swabi; Dir Upper v Buner

8-9 July – Abbottabad v Haripur; Swabi v Buner; Mansehra v Dir Upper

11-12 July – Abbottabad v Swabi; Haripur v Dir Upper; Mansehra v Buner

14-15 July – Abbottabad v Buner; Mansehra v Haripur; Swabi v Dir Upper

17-18 July – Abbottabad v Dir Upper; Mansehra v Swabi; Haripur v Buner



5-6 July – Khyber v Mamond; Kohat v Kurram; D.

I.Khan v Bannu

8-9 July – Mamond v Kurram; Khyber v Bannu; D.I.Khan v Kohat

11-12 July – Kohat v Mamond; D.I.Khan v Khyber; Bannu v Kurram

14-15 July – D.I.Khan v Mahmond; Khyber v Kurram; Kohat v Bannu

17-18 July – Bannu v Mahmond; Kohat v Khyber; D.I. Khan v Kurram

Triangular Stage


30-31 July – Winner of Pool (A) v Winner of Pool (B)

2-3 August – Winner of Pool (A) v Winner of Pool (C)

5-6 August – Winner of Pool (B) v Winner of Pool (C)

Northern Cricket Association




5-6 July – Rawalpindi v Attock; Jhelum v Chakwal; Muzaffarabad v Kotli

8-9 July – Rawalpindi v Jhelum; Attock v Kotli; Chakwal v Muzaffarabad

11-12 July – Rawalpindi v Chakwal; Attock v Muzaffarabad; Jhelum v Kotli

14-15 July – Rawalpindi v Muzaffarabad; Attock v Jhelum; Chakwal v Kotli

17-18 July – Rawalpindi v Kotli; Attock v Chakwal; Jhelum v Muzaffarabad



5-6 July – Islamabad v Mirpur; Gilgit Baltistan v Poonch

8-9 July – Islamabad v Gilgit Baltistan; Mirpur v Bagh

11-12 July – Islamabad v Poonch; Gilgit Baltistan v Bagh

14-15 July – Gilgit Baltistan v Mirpur; Bagh v Poonch

17-18 July – Islamabad v Bagh; Mirpur v Poonch

23-24 July – Winner of Pool (A) v Winner of Pool (B)

Sindh Cricket Association




5-6 July – Zone I v Zone II; Zone III v Zone IV; Zone V v Zone VI

8-9 July – Zone I v Zone III; Zone II v Zone VI; Zone IV v Zone V

11-12 July – Zone I v Zone IV; Zone II v Zone V; Zone III v Zone VI

14-15 July – Zone I v Zone V; Zone II v Zone III; Zone IV v Zone VI

17-18 July – Zone I v Zone VI; Zone II v Zone IV; Zone III v Zone V



5-6 July – Hyderabad v Jamshoro; Mirpur Khas v Badin; Zone VII v Sanghar

8-9 July – Hyderabad v Mirpur Khas; Zone VII v Jamshoro; Badin v Sanghar

11-12 July – Hyderabad v Badin; Sanghar v Jamshoro; Zone VII v Mirpur Khas

14-15 July – Hyderabad v Sanghar; Mirpur Khas v Jamshoro; Zone VII v Badin

17-18 July – Hyderabad v Zone VII; Badin v Jamshoro; Mirpur Khas v Sanghar



5-6 July– Sukkur v Shikarpur; Khairpur v Larkana

8-9 July – Shikarpur v Shaheed Benazirabad; Sukkur v Larkana

11-12 July – Khairpur v Shikarpur; Sukkur v Shaheed Benazirabad

14-15 July – Khairpur v Sukkur; Larkana v Shaheed Benazirabad

17-18 July – Larkana v Shikarpur; Khairpur v Shaheed Benazirabad

Triangular Stage


23-24 July – Winner of Pool (A) v Winner of Pool (B)

26-27 July – Winner of Pool (A) v Winner of Pool (C)

29-30 July – Winner of Pool (B) v Winner of Pool (C)

Southern Punjab Cricket Association




5-6 July – Sahiwal v Lodhran; Okara v Multan; Vehari v Khanewal

8-9 July – Sahiwal v Vehari; Okara v Lodhran; Multan v D.G.Khan

11-12 July – Sahiwal v Okara; Vehari v Multan; Khanewal v D.G.Khan

14-15 July – Multan v Khanewal; Okara v D.G.Khan; Lodhran v Vehari

17-18 July – Sahiwal v D.G.Khan; Vehari v Okara ; Khanewal v Lodhran

23-24 July – Sahiwal v Khanewal; Multan v Lodhran; D.G.Khan v Vehari

26-27 July – Sahiwal v Multan; D.G.Khan v Lodhran; Okara-Khanewal



5-6 July – Bahawalnagar v R.Y.Khan; Layyah v Pakpattan; Muzaffargarh v Bahawalpur

8-9 July – Layyah v Bahawalpur; Rajanpur v R.Y.Khan; Pakpattan v Bahawalnagar

11-12 July – Pakpattan v Bahawalpur; Rajanpur v Muzaffargarh; R.Y.Khan v Layyah

14-15 July – Muzaffargarh v R.Y.Khan; Pakpattan v Rajanpur; Bahawalnagar v Layyah

17-18 July – Pakpattan v Muzaffargarh; Layyah v Rajanpur; Bahawalnagar v Bahawalpur

23-24 July – R.Y.Khan v Bahawalpur; Rajanpur v Bahawalnagar; Layyah v Muzaffargarh

26-27 July – Bahawalnagar v Muzaffargarh; Bahawalpur v Rajanpur; R.Y.Khan v Pakpattan

30-31 July – Winner of Pool (A) v Winner of Pool (B)