Cattle Heads Dying Of Mysterious Disease In Jataoi

MUZAFFARGARH, (Muzaffargarh.City – 31st Dec, 2020 ) :A number of cattle heads died of mysterious disease in suburban area of Thesil Jataoi within last five days which has worried animal owners of Basti Maunjni. Animal rearing farmers Tasleem, Shaukat, Hazoor Bukhsh, Azam, Hakeem Iftikhar and others informed that body temperature of the cattle heads rises suddenly.

When veterinary doctors give them medicines, the animals become fragile and sluggish, they said adding that later on they die.When approached livestock deptt officials Dr Saleem Leghari and Dr Saleem said that they were ignorant of the disease and will reach the farmers for remedy of the situation.The farmers appealed DC Muzaffargarh and high ups of livestock department to take stock and the situation and send doctors to the area immediately for treating cattle heads.