Car Sport Improving Pak Image Worldwide: Nadir Magsi

MULTAN, (Muzaffargarh.City – 16th Nov, 2018 ) :Once visible only on television screens, car sport is now taking roots in Pakistan, earning the country an improved image worldwide and introducing it to another dimension of identity, says famous car racing champion Nadir Magsi.

The 2018 champion of Cholistan Jeep Rally and 2017 champion of Thal Jeep Rally told APP that car racing competitions were now covering most parts of the country including Jhal Magsi, Gwadar, Cholistan, Thal and Skardu and won Pakistan recognition as a country that loves and promotes healthy activities.

Magsi also spoke at ‘Wiz Jeep Rally Award’ ceremony, organised by Pakistan Bikers Travellers Association and ‘Wiz Wash’ in Multan Thursday night and would defend his title in the third 3-day (Nov 16-18) Thal Jeep Rally as the race gets under way on Nov 17-18 on a 180-kilometre long route that stretches from Muzaffargarh to Layyah.

The adventure hungry car racer, who had also served as provincial minister in Sindh, said that provincial governments were forthcoming in facilitation; however, emphasised the need for active Federal government role in regulating, cooperating and providing most modern facilities to the race participants.

Magsi said that he was happy to note that car sport was gaining popularity among the youth and now seniors like him were facing younger racing enthusiasts.

The world of car racing has moved to new technologies and modernity and Pakistan needs to focus more on car sport to make it safer and more interesting for the spectators.

A female car racer, Salma Khan, who had reached Multan from Islamabad, said that she was there to win the 3rd Thal Jeep Rally.

She told APP that she had won third spot in Gwadar Jeep Rally and first position at Skardu among female car racers.

Noted industrialist Sheikh Ahsan Rasheed said that his company was fulfilling its social responsibility by extending cooperation in car sport events as sports brings positive change in society. He said that car sport was a costly affair but the passion, speed and sensation it involves was bringing many into its fold. He urged the government to get the talented car racers trained in foreign countries to win space in world level car racing contests.

Later, shields and life-time achievement awards were distributed among racing heroes who had participated and won competitions during the last two decades in Pakistan.

Famous bike-rider Iqbal Ghangla besides other car and bike racers were present.