Campaign Calling For Immediate Release Of PML-N Leader Hammad Nawaz Tipu Becomes Top Trend

LAHORE: ( 7th, 2020) Following arrest of PML-N leader and party’s general secretary Hammad Nawaz Tipu in Dera Ghazi Khan division, #ReleaseHammadNawazTipu became one of the top trends on social media on Saturday.

Social media users, especially the fans and followers of PML-N launched online campaign for release of their party leader Hammad Nawaz Tipu.

According to the reports, Hammad Nawaz Tipu was arrested over charges of manhandling with police officer at Faisal Stadium in Muzzafargarh police precinct on Friday. The complainant said that Hammad Nawaz Tipu made a bid to push him away from the stairs of the stadium where he was deputed to perform his duty. He also alleged that the PML-N leader tried to snatch his rifle and put his hands on his collar to drag him. At the meantime, other police officers, he said, reached there who saw him manhandling with him.

Reacting to his arrest, a Twitterati said: “The arrest of pml-n leader Hamad Nawaz Tipu GS PMLN DGK Division is another coward at by Imran Khan and his fascist regime. The day is not far away when this fraud will be taken to task by the the general public who’s lives have been made miserable by him,”