Bull Race Competition Organised With Zeal In Muzaffargarh

MUZAFFARGARH, (Muuzaffargarh.city – 2nd Jun, 2022 ) :Bull race competition was conducted on an outskirt of the district Kotwal, with great delight and zeal in connection with Baisakhi festival here on Thursday.

In addition to local, a large number of beautiful and healthy bulls were brought from Jhang, Lodhran among other districts of Southern Punjab to take part in the competition Falak Sher, owner of a bull named as Rustum, told media that he has bought his bull worth 5 million.

He further said participants of the race used to bring up their animals like own children.

He said daily expenses of his bull’s food exceeds from Rs.2000 to 3000.

Supervisor of the competition, islam Din Dogar said bull race is part of splendid culture of Punjab.

To promote Punjabi’s culture as well as keeping the fabulous ritual alive, he used to conduct such program yearly, said he. People from across the region come to enjoy the event, he added. He called for patronising the event by Punjab government to add more flavour in order to gain wider space in the field in future.

Winners of the competition danced emotionally after concluding the event as their bulls won the race on the occasion.

The competition was won by bull named as Qalandra owned by man, Jamil Dogar hailed from Multan.

In Punjab, the Vaisakhi or Baisakhi festival is celebrated with immense love and respect. This celebration is very important to farmers because it signifies the beginning of harvest season (Rabi crop)