Anti Narcotics Force (ANF) Seizes 1.557 Tons Drugs Worth 1.11 Bln In 22 Operations; Nets 33

RAWALPINDI, (Muzaffargarh.City – 29th May, 2018 ) :Anti Narcotics Force (ANF) Pakistan has seized1.557 tons narcotics worth Rs 1.11 billion in international market, arrested 33 personsinvolved in drug smuggling and impounded seven vehicles while conducting 22 counter-narcoticsstrikes across the country.

According to ANF spokesman, the seized drugs comprised of 1548 kgHashish, 8.7 kg Heroin and 750 gram Amphetamine.

ANF Quetta acting on an information placed a check post at LasbelaKarachi Road starting strict checking of vehicles proceeding towards Karachi.

Meanwhile, a trailer No. TLW-381 was intercepted by ANF team at RCD Road, nearZero Point, Lasbela and recovered 1500 kg Hashish. A person onboard identifiedas Sohrab resident of Karachi was also arrested.

ANF Rawalpindi intercepted a car near Skyways Bus Stop, Faizabad and recovered three kg Hashish. Resultantly, two accused identified as Ali Raza Qadri and Muhammad Amir both r/o Peshawarwere arrested.

In another operation, ANF Rawalpindi arrested an accused identified as Firdos Khan r/o Peshawar and recovered five kg Hashish.

He was arrested near Bank Stop, Attock.

In third operation, ANF Rawalpindi arrested twoNigerian National namely Onyedikachukwu Okaibe and Jennifer Ijeoma at NewIslamabad International Airport and recovered 1.796 kg Heroin which wasconcealed in their trolley bags. In fourth operation, ANF Rawalpindiintercepted a car near Kutcheri Chowk, Rawalpindi and recovered 4.5 kg Hashish,20 Ecstasy Tabs, a 30 bore pistol with a Magazine & four rounds and a Kalashnikovwith 10 rounds. Four accused identified as Aneel Chaudhary r/o of Lahore,Kashif Asghar r/o Gujranwala, Ahsan Nawaz r/o Khushab and Syed Ibrar Hussain r/oMuzaffarabad were arrested.

ANF Lahore arrested two accused identified as Kaneez Fatima and Muhammad Sultan r/o Bahawalnagar atFaisalabad International Airport and recovered 1.585 kg Heroin.

In another operation, ANF Lahore arrested two accused identified as Muhammad Saleem r/oSahiwal and Muhammad Shafique r/o Faisalabad at Allama Iqbal InternationalAirport, Lahore and managed to recover 45 capsules weighing 860 grams heroin.

In third operation, ANF Lahore intercepted a Saudi bound parcel at CargoComplex based at Allama Iqbal international Airport, Lahore and recovered 3.075kg Heroin. In fourth operation, ANF Lahore recovered on kg Hashish and 200 gramHeroin from a woman r/o Muzaffargarh who was arrested near Shahnsha Hotel,Goodar Chowk, Multan DG Khan Road, Muzaffargarh.

In fifth operation, ANF Lahorearrested an accused namely Zahid Irfan r/o Mandi Bahauddin near Govt. PrimarySchool Lak, Mandibahauddin and recovered 650 grams Hashish. In sixth operation,ANF Lahore arrested an accused identified as Muhammad Ashfaq r/o Nankana Sahabat Faisalabad International Airport and recovered 470 grams heroin from hisluggage.

ANF Peshawar in threeseparate operations, arrested three accused namely Dayanullah Khattak, Naqibullahand Anwar Kamal, r/o Karak at Peshawar International Airport and recovered1.65, 1.65 and 1.15 kg Hashish from their hand bags respectively. In anotheroperaion, ANF Peshawar arrested an accused identified as Shakeel Ahmed r/o Mardanat Peshawar International Airport and recovered 750 grams Amphetamine. In thirdoperation, ANF Peshawar recovered 1.2 Kg Hashish from personal possession ofthe accused identified as Shamshair Ali Khan r/o Chitral. He was arrested nearMotorway Toll Plaza, Peshawar when he was travelling in passenger van. Infourth operation, ANF Peshawar intercepted two cars near Pishtakhara Chowk,Ring Road Peshawar and recovered total 4.8 kg Hashish which was concealed infront door and driver seat of the cars. Tow accused identified as Ali Shah andShakirullah both r/o Peshawar were arrested during the operation.

A courier office based atKarachi handed over a suspicious parcel to ANF Karachi. During search of theparcel 700 gram heroin was recovered. Parcel was booked from Hyderabad for UK.

In another operation, ANF Karachi intercepted a pickup new Subzimandi, SuperHighway, Karachi and recovered 15 kg Hashish from the vehicle. Three persons onboard identified as Munir r/o Nawabshah, Imran Khan and Sohail r/o Karachi weresent behind the bars. In third operation ANF Karachi intercepted a car near newSubzimandi, Super Highway, Karachi and recovered five kg Hashish and arrestedtwo accused. In fourth operation, ANF Karachi rounded up an accusedidentified as Yaseen r/o Karachi nearBismillah New Salateen Hotel, Hindu Para, Shireen Jinnah Colony, Karachi andrecovered 1.3 kg Hashish. In fifth operation, ANF Karachi arrested threeaccused identified as Ghulam Muhmmad, Ajab Gul and Ajeeb r/o Tando Allah Yar andrecovered 2.5 kg Hashish. They were arrested near Fateh Chowk, Hyderabad.

All cases have been registered at respective ANF PoliceStations under CNS Act 1997 while further investigations are underway.