All Set For Aerial Spray To Control Locust Summer Breading, Says Secretary Agriculture Wasif


MULTAN , (Muzaffargarh.City – 28th May, 2020 ) :Secretary Agriculture Punjab Wasif Khursheed said that spray would be made by helicopter to control summer breading of locust and all set in this regard. He said that locust is second natural calamity after Covid-19 and agricultural department was taking all measures to control it. In a statement issued here on Thursday, Secretary Agriculture Wasif Khursheed said that teams consisted on agriculture, PDMA, Pak Army and District administration officials and staff were participating in surveillance and control operation of locust. Wasif said that big locust swarms entered in Layyah, Bhakkar, Mianwali, Khoshab and Jhung districts from KPK. While swarm of locust entered in Rajanpur and DG Khan districts from Balochistan. He informed that now locust swarms were travelling to Cholistan, Rajisthan and Thar areas after passing through Khanewal, Muzaffargarh, Lodhran, Vehari, Rajanpur, Rahimyar, Bahawalpur, Bahawalnagar and DG Khan.

He said that all preparations have been made about surveillance and control in Cholistan. He said that operational activities against locust had continued during Eid-ul-Fitre holidays. He said that the crops were remained safe in Punjab due to timely initiatives and better strategy by agriculture department. He informed that they had completed surveillance of over 9.5 million acres land so far. He said that over 50000 litres pesticide spray had been applied on over 350,000 acres affected land to control locust so far. Wasif Khursheed said that over 20000 litres pesticide stock was available while 50000 litres more would be procured in next few days. He said that over 2000 spray machines of various categories were also available. He said that activities by all departments concerned would continue till complete eradication of locust. He said that monitoring of these activities was also being ensured on daily basis.