Alive Nations Protect Cultural Heritage: MNA Muhammad Ayub Qureshi

MUZAFFARGARH, (Muzaffargarh.City – 27th Feb, 2021 ) :Chairman Dost Group, MNA Muhammad Ayub Qureshi said alive nations protect their cultural heritage and art and literature. Addressing inauguration ceremony of book “Kitab Sarzmeen Muzaffargarh” arranged here Saturday, he said new knowledge and new books lead nations to new highs and let them bring about great achievement through marvellous struggle.

He assured that the book would open new avenues about lifestyle of the people living on the soil which remain untouched earlier before.Infect, the book had re-alived anonymous aspects of our heroes and made them immortal in eyes of the readers, he said. He hailed the writer for making a memorable addition to modern literature.