5th Thal Jeep Rally Race Track Halved Due To COVID-19

MULTAN, (Muzaffargarh.City – 11th Nov, 2020 ) :Organizers of three-day 5th Thal Jeep Rally, scheduled for Nov 20, have reduced the race track almost by half as a precautionary measures against novel coronavirus threat and completed track’s levelling up to a length of 55 kilometres An officials said on Wednesday said the mega car sport event is being organized by Tourism Development Corporation Punjab (TDCP) and the race track length has been reduced by 100 kilometres i.e. from 205 kilometres last year to 105 kilometres this year. Race track levelling work has been completed on 55 kilometre segment of the track from Godara to Chobara. Adventure hungry drivers would have to negotiate race track through two districts, Muzaffargarh and Layyah, the official said adding that they would open race from Changa Manga mound in Muzaffargarh to Chobara in Layyah and then race back at Changa Manga, the concluding point.

Nov 16 has been set as the last date for registration of drivers and vehicles, however, no registration desk has been set up for the purpose due to virus threat this year and drivers would have to opt for online registration through TDCP web site ‘www.tdcp.gov.pk’. Online registration facility is operational on the web site for the last two to three years and drivers can do it easily, officials said.