23 Profiteers Fined For Hoarding, Overcharging

Muzaffargarh, (Muzaffargarh.City – 8th July 2021): The price control magistrate of the Sub-Tehsil Rangpur, Muhammad Talha sheikh on Thursday visited different tehsils of Rangpur and Jawana Bangla and checked the rate lists displayed on shops.

During his visit he imposed fines on 23 shopkeepers including two butchers as they were selling daily commodities items and meat on high rates.

He also checked the rice and sugar merchants stocks and fined 15000 each to Muhammad Alysas and Sawer Iqbal involved in stocking and sealed their warehouses over the charges of hoarding the sugar and rice stocks.

Talha said that government Punjab had given us free hand to control the self-imposed rates created by shopkeeper.

He also warned those shopkeepers who were involved in stocking things and asked them to sell according to the government rates in case of misconduct they would be treated by iron hands.

In line with special directives of Deputy Commissioner (DC) Muzaffargarh, the price control magistrates were conducting raids at city markets on daily basis to ensure sale of commodities on government’s fixed rates.

The prices control magistrates have checked 115 shops across the Tehsil and found 23 shopkeepers involved in profiteering.

The Magistrate Imposed heavy fine to 23 shopkeepers on the spot, registered FIRs against 10 while 13 shopkeepers were given a strict warning