200kg Substandard Meat Discarded, Two Butchers Fined

MUZAFFARGARH, (Muzaffargarh.City – 2nd Mar, 2023 ) :Additional Director Livestock Muzaffargarh, Dr Muhammad Tariq discarded 200 kg meat for being unfit for human consumption, and imposed heavy fines on two butchers here on Thursday.

During a visit to main Bazaar along with personnel from Special Branch, Dr Tariq visited different meat shops.

He observed that the meat being sold was unfit for human consumption and had 200 kilogram of meat discarded on the spot. He also imposed heavy fines on two butchers, namely Usman and Imran.

He ordered butchers to mend their ways and slaughter only the healthy animals duly stamped by officials. He further ordered butchers to display price list prominently and avoid overcharging the people.